The links found on this page are grouped in several categories. Of primary importance are the links directly associated with understanding and treating related mental health issues. As I recently discussed with my uncle, and he clarified, that we are all neck deep in an emotional shit-storm, (so don’t make waves).

Other links found here are purely for fun, or ones that Doug found interesting.

The first set of links are the result of a search through the internet for manic depressive disorder, or ones I found after following a few links. I encourage you to explore these links, and the various resources they offer.

Personal account of living as a manic depressive and continuous rapid cycler. Detailed diary with information on signs for mania, depression, bipolar medications, etc. An excellent start.

This site a an excellent place to begin learning about bipolar disorder. This site is rich with articles and links. Web site of the National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association. * A website created and maintained by a person with Bipolar Disorder for people with Bipolar Disorder and others to share support and information concerning this misunderstood disorder. (* This site is part of a web-ring, useful for additional links.) 186 answers to questions about manic-depressive illness by a client and a psychiatrist. An excellent site and resource center. * The name kind of speaks for itself. (Also part of a webring, useful for additional links.) As we begin to understand others’ feelings, we can let our loving and healing intentions reach through to their hearts. Our common goal is to grow, ease discomfort and grow toward peace. And hopefully reach people before suicide. This is the home page of Suicide Prevention Action Network. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in the age group 15 – 24. Obviously everyone can benefit from increased understanding and care of the symptoms that lead people to take their life.

A few of Doug’s friends have web sites that you might like to visit. Please tell me if you know of a site that Doug enjoyed, or if you have created a webpage you would like listed. This is the business name of Dave & Jenni Lyle a.k.a. Sailing The Blues, Inc. (Doug’s dad and creator of Doug, his mom and I enjoyed going to hear Rats In The Attic play at local bars. Their newest live CD is dedicated to Doug’s memory, and was recorded in Liverpool (March 2002) at the Cavern Club (where the Beatles became famous). Jimbo played Doug’s guitar on stage at the Cavern Club. Jimbo gave Doug guitar lessons.

Cross-Fire This site was created by a good friend of Doug, Matt (Moose) Mousseau. Also, this is a church that Doug attended and had many friends there. Doug and Moose met in the 8th grade at Westminster Christian School in Gainesville in 1997. An acquaintance of mine helped me design this website. John C. “Chris” Snider is quite interested in science fiction and is experienced in web page design. Thank God he was available to help when I couldn’t do much. Doug liked science fiction too, and was very interested in the concept of other dimensions. Our family often talked about the time dimension, and the fact that our true identity or existence is beyond time and space.

Some of the sites Doug liked are listed below. I’m sure there are many I don’t know of because he didn’t bookmark them. If you know of any, please let me know. This site lists every song or work of weird Al Yankovic. Al was one of Doug’s favorite artists. This site highlights the Dr. Demento Show, a classic radio program that introduced Wierd Al Yankovic literally years before he became famous. Michael Crichton was one of Doug’s favorite authors. Once Doug and I had the pleasure of going to a book signing by Michael Crichton. Doug loved to read and had many favorite authors, but he read everything Crichton published.

Renaissance Views of Madness – Doug bookmarked this site with the comment, “Madness in Shakespeare”. Have you ever wondered about those fantastic stories, so called urban legends? This site gives you the straight scoop on what’s a legend or true. Doug liked to play games on the computer; is a search engine. This section of handinet is devoted to games. Doug also liked to listen to and download music. This yahoo site catalogs music videos. When I went into business for myself, I sure am glad that I got high speed internet access so Doug could enjoy music easier. I highly recommend high speed access like cable or DSL….get it. Speaking of music, here’s one way to download and burn CD’s. Actually, we didn’t have a CD burner, but Doug bought a minidisk (Sony) player / recorder. That minidisk player is too cool; like a miniature CD burner you can hook up to your stereo, or your USB port and carry with you in your (leather) jacket pocket. And I guess this site catalogs and networks hundreds of artists’ tunes for you (to download). Like I said, Doug liked listening to music. For years Doug wanted to buy a Delorean one day. When he was very little, the movie “Back to the Future” was very popular. As a matter of fact, Doug knew every word of the original movie. Doug enjoyed looking at various Delorean sites; and one day we even went to test drive a Delorean that was for sale. If you seldom listen to public radio, you may not know about the Prairie Home Companion. Every Saturday night (6PM), our family tried to listen to (if we remembered) to the live broadcast of Garrison Keillor’s variety radio program. Prairie Home Companion is live comedy, drama (the adventures of Guy Noir, private eye), and guest musicians. And every now and then they have a joke show that will keep you rolling for an hour. This web site lets you listen to some of their joke shows. Speaking of great public radio, Car Talk is another very funny program airing on Saturday mornings at 10. You really need to experience these two programs. Car Talk has “puzzlers” (brain teasers) each week that are fun to try and figure out. Doug was on an email mailing list to get each week’s puzzler. Listeners are invited to write their answer on the back of a $20 bill and mail it to the offices of Car Talk. Like I said, Doug liked using the computer (since he was 5).

CNET is a great resource for computer news, reviews, and downloads. This is CNET’s Download Page. And this is CNET’s Help Page.

I have a tendency to repeat myself … I’m so sorry. Anyway, if you know of a site Doug enjoyed, email me to tell me about it.